Watch that and you will think this is a kitchen must have!

Hubby didn't even see the infomercial, just saw the box and had to have it!

So, I decided to try to make them last night.

About 1/2 way into the nightmare I WISH I had another person to come video the catastrophe!

First you open the box and find a little piece of paper informing you that BEFORE EACH USE you need to oil the inside of each EGGIE, and that you cannot spray them you have to spray a paper towel and wipe them down.

Irritated with that little fact! I do it!

Then I start to assemble the little buggers...guess what...with greasy hands this is NO easy task!

They don't go together easily AT ALL!  So there you are with greasy finger handling little plastic eggs
 that are hard to assemble, thinking and THIS is easier than peeling?

Then, I at least had the bright idea to put the EGGIE in a bowl before I crack the egg.   Phew! Good thing! Pouring the egg into the little contraption is harder than you think.  I used Extra Large eggs, and sometimes the yoke would clog the hole, and white would overflow.  Then I had egg guts on me and in the bowl and on the EGGIE thinking oh wow! Salmonella HERE WE COME! 

I get the buggers into the pot start it to boiling and a family member calls.  I walk away from the kitchen and "hear" something and run in to find this:


I skimmed the disgusting foam, apparently egg leaked out...eww!

Sent the pic to hubby saying "pretty sure THIS isn't supposed to happen"

They cook. 

This is what came out

I let them cool. 

They came out easy for me...but I was left with this to clean!

They came out easy and this was the end result. Not pretty in my opinion.

Ugh...YEAH I think I will stick to dealing with the nightmare of peeling as opposed to the nightmare of 6 pitiful, ugly shaped, ____ eggs here.

In looking for the commercial I found other reviews!  WISH I had watched these before forking over $10!


This one is long, but informative. 

WOW! Nightmare!

If you are my friend, be on the lookout because I will be REGIFTING this little item at a Christmas Party for someone else to experience the torture! Who knows maybe they will love the convenience of 15 minute prep and 10 minute clean up for 6 eggs! 

Things I learned...check YOUTUBE first!


Miss Janet @ HOME said...

That was really cute! Thanks... I won't get those.

My mom just saw a YouTube video that says if you put a little baking soda in the boiling water, the peeling is easy. Haven't tried it yet.



Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this because I've had my eye on those eggies and wanted them...but now, I'm not so sure. Guess I'm just gonna have to do the deviled eggs the old fashioned way!

Divine Mrs D said...

Man! I watched that second one. That is brutal!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! ...and informative. :)