My friend Janet asked me to join in. So I ask you!

If you decide to join me in listing your favorites from this week, leave a link in the comments so we can all read yours and be blessed.

What are my favorite things from this week?

1. My favorite scriptures-  Exodus 17:8-15 I just love this story! There are many people I am symbolically lifting their arms.  and 1 Corinthians 13 in the KJV I am memorizing this in honor of Trent's grandmother.

2. My favorite moment-Going to the fair and seeing Declan's face the first time he was on a ferris wheel.  Pretty much all of his faces that night were "the moment"

3. My favorite physical blessing- The blessing of getting to be at a friend's birth.  The blessing of new life!  Tremendous.  The story of how we became friends is painful, the fact that she allows me in her life-powerful!

4. My favorite food- This week it would have to be funnel cake from the fair! lol

5. My favorite place- Saturday, we had the opportunity to redo our family pictures.  It was SO perfect.  I cried out in praise to God who allowed the most beautiful perfect time for photographs. The pictures will be share soon.  However the place is Cedar Point. I look forward to redoing family pictures there for years to come.


Miss Janet said...


Fun and beautiful all at the same time. A birth? Wowza!!!!!

Blessings & HUGS,