It's starting.

The excitement about Missional Halloween.  Much different than years ago where dread would creep over me about how we deal with avoiding the holiday, answering questions about why we don't participate. Sweet little waitresses saying "why aren't you dressed up and trick-or-treating?" ugh.

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While I don't regret that season of life, it taught me a lot about being set apart.
I am thankful for this new season of IN not OF.

I still agree that Halloween is rooted and still associated with evils. It's foundations are pagan. My research tells me so is Easter and Christmas and I am not stopping those holidays (though we celebrate them a little different.)
On Halloween; we serve our neighbors.  We spend our evening taking pictures, delivering them, chatting with passers by and then awarding a lucky family a basket of treats.   
Last year I didn't post so here are a few pics

D 2012

Son & Baby Grand 2012

People lined up at the pumpkins. 
I needed them LIT-so enter the Jack-o-lantern
a little more halloweeny than I like
It served it's purpose

New this year, I used a tripod.
When it is dark outside it is impossible to see in the view finder

What it looks like from the road

Here is what I LOVE!  Seeing our neighborhood kids through the years! (blocked faces for privacy)

2009 baby sister was too little to be in the pic

2010 with a little sister now

2011 Getting bigger

2012 So big!

Look how our backgrounds changed.  LOL

We are officially known as "Aren't you guys the ones that take pictures on Halloween?" Yep, that's us. Man, I hope to be known for more than that. I hope they know us by our love.


MamaTart said...

LOVE this idea...may share it for next year...if you don't mind...

Beautiful Mess said...

Share away friend!