• This is for my friends who are not on Facebook. 

  • 1.      Growing up I wanted to be an airline stewardess. My grandmother made me “practice my job”  walking straight lines; only in adulthood do I appreciate how hilarious this is.

    2.      She also told me I was likely going to be too short. Remember back in the day there were “restrictions and discrimination” based on body type? This was also the reason I couldn’t do my back up job: Rockette

    3.      I once peed my pants in the back of Jennifer Richardson’s, brother Beau’s car. Don’t worry, I didn’t get it on the seat. I was a full-fledge adult-mom of teenage girls. How awesome to have girls that make you laugh till you pee your pants in a friend’s car.

    4.      I am an only child of a single parent.

    5.      When questioned at Blockbuster about authorized people on my account-I told them my mother was deceased. The cashier asked “She’s at sea?” and it’s now a joke in our family.

    6.      I don’t want to be buried. I do not want people to “visit” me, put flowers on a grave, feel guilt about NOT visiting me…I am dead.  I guess they can put me to “sea.”

    7.      I may have some unresolved issues about death. Bwahahah (I am imagining the people I have offended by my humor. I apologize)

    8.      I never thought I would get married. I didn’t see the point.

    9.      I am glad that my perspective on #10 changed. Though at the time of marrying, I didn’t think it would last. It nearly didn’t; I am glad Christ intervened; we celebrate 20 years next June.

    10.   I use to be offended when people said grandkids were better than kids. Now I know they are right.

    11.   I was 15 when I gave birth to my daughter. This is one of the facts about my life that truly astonishes me. Especially in the presence of other 15 year olds.

    12.   I do not “know” my left from my right.  I mean, I KNOW it…I just have to have a second to think about it. I attribute it to anxiety. Anything I have to know on the spot-I am struck dumb. Don’t even start with multiplication tables.

    13.   Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men make me inexplicably happy.

    14.   I could eat a bag of Cheetos Puffs by myself.

    15.   I struggle with religion.

    16.   I am often redundantly redundant. (Just ask my son, he will confirm I say things too many times that didn’t need to be said in the first place)

    17.   I have traveled around the country, one summer, on a school bus, seeing historical and geological wonders. I was a teen so I didn’t know what a big deal it was. It was a HUGE deal. I have flown in a plane over the Grand Canyon! Seen Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful, and the Liberty Bell. Stood on the battlefield of Gettysburg. Fought giant ants in Texas. Also about a million more things. It’s truly astounding and I WISH I could have taken my kids on a trip like that.

    18.   I shop by touch. I care more about how things feel than how they look.

    19.   I wish I had known how good I had it when I was a younger so I would have been more appreciative instead being of an entitled little brat.

    20.   This was very therapeutic. Thank you random Facebook game creator.

    21.   The things I don’t like about myself are more upsetting when I see them come out of my children because I know the lifetime of issues they are going to have thanks to me.

    22.   Some of the things I’ve done “because of religion” are more upsetting to me than things I did when I did not live for God. I think God totally agrees with me.

    23.   Before staying home, I worked with children and adult with disabilities increasing their independence using assistive/adaptive technology. It was such a cool job! I miss it. However, I would never trade the opportunity to be home with my kids.

    24.    I have always wanted a tattoo.  Good thing I didn’t get it, because I have changed what I want and where. 
    25.   I am an open book. Have a question ask, but prepare for the REAL answer. Sometimes I fear I make people uncomfortable with how comfortable I am with sharing my life. It’s a life given to me by God, why wouldn't I want to tell HIS story.

    The last 5 things were ONLY posted on my blog. You guys are special!