I know the pain is all too real.
The lies that tell you "death won't feel."
They beckon from another place, 
Subtle lies truth can replace.

You think death will be the answer.
The more it asks, it makes you question. 
Is the pain of now the place to stay?
Or would it be better to go away?

Absence is no answer to pain! 
Things won't stay, they grow and change!
The lies become whispers instead of shouts.
The living easier to love about! 

Loss is too great a burden to give.
You have a purpose you must live! 
The hope you find will be faith to share!
It'll turn on the light and banish gloom and despair! 

You can't see what tomorrow holds.
Or know the beauty that's still yet to show.
Hold on dear son as God makes a way
For you to live beauty in another day. 

I have battled the whisperer most of my life.
He has lied and teased and tried to take my life. 
But you, my dear children, my husband and friends...
I think of your lives after mine ends...

I want to show you it's possible to live,
With pain, heartache and brokenness to give.
A chance to show others it's possible to be,
Filled with hope, joy, love and not just misery.

The fight is worth it!
You're proof that's for sure. 
You wouldn't be you had I not been here
Imagine that son,
Imagine me gone,
Had I listened to the whisperer all along!

You have to recognize and give voice to the light,
Squelching the liar and tuning out the lies!
It's the hardest battle you'll ever fight;
But you'll know that it's worth it one sad night.

Because you'll see a soul that is battling like you,
And you'll know exactly what to do.
Because you've battled and fought and gotten strong,
You can show that sad soul a new way along.

There are so many beautiful moments I sit,
I pause and reflect and acknowledge I LIVE!


Lori said...

Jen, is your son struggling with this?!? I know he's had his teenage angst years with you, but this is deeper. I'm praying for him! And you.

Beautiful Mess said...

He said he was joking...but as someone who struggles, I know there is always more underneath. Thank you for the prayers.

Jo Ann D'Angelo said...

Jen, at least he spoke about it. That is good he told you, I know you know, most people don't. I've been in that place before myself and I never want to go there again.
Know that I am thinking about you and your family and praying for you all.

Jo Ann D'Angelo said...

Jen, it is good he spoke to you about it; I know you know most people don't. I know that place, i've been there before myself. I never want to go there again. But this isn't about me. I just want you to know I understand.
Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.