Have you ever?

Had the most amazing friends that would be there for you no matter what.

Who would listen to your life drama (at length) and then share theirs too.

Had friends who were so burdened for the hurt in other's lives that it affected them greatly; maybe even more than the people they were burdened for.

Had a friend that so hurts for this world and is so upset that life seems to just be going by and no one realizes people are starving, hurting and dying and we could help if we would just step out of our comfort zone for a minute!

Had a friend that is more beautiful on the inside than on the out and that is saying a lot because they are gorgeous!

Lays down their life as an amazing sacrifice even at the expense of others judgment.

If you have friends like this then you know the overwhelmed feeling I am having right now. And if you don't then look around because you may need to be that friend to someone else first; who needs you in their life?

I can honestly say that God has blessed me with some amazing friends! I am so encouraged by these peoples love and determination to go after God with reckless abandon. Even when it seems that they are running in place. I love the people that God has placed in my life!
I am overwhelmed by my God and His love for me and I am most grateful for my friends!!!

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