Have you ever thought about how truly blessed you are? I mean to simply live in the United States and be the poorest person, you are among the most wealthy people in the world. Even if homeless if you drink water from a city pond would be cleaner than water children
are dying from in Africa. We are broke right now in our minds-but we have a roof over our head, clean water, too much food and amenities out the wazoo! While I have no idea what the future holds for us financially there is no way I can sit and do nothing! So our family is sponsoring children in northern uganda that were formerly abducted child soldiers (http://www.invisiblechildren.com/.

I am asking for your help--I mean you have read this far-what is a few more paragraphs...

One, I want you to sign a petition and two I want you to seriously consider donanting $20.oo per month--we spend that in 1 trip to McDonalds-I take that from the ATM and can't account for it, I can barely buy a pair of pants for that--but you can change the course of history by just getting involved. Funny in the middle of composing this I got a message that my pastor had signed the petition and had forwarded the message on to our church-little does he know I also messaged them. It makes me smile-what a teeniny part i get to play-so you know what I copied some of
this blog and replied all that he sent his message to. HEE! A little soap box-praise God. Well, Hope you do something. Don't limit God by limiting your resources-He is a great big God that is intimately in love with you! Don't limit yourself by having a tiny little God!

Read on:
Please sign the following"Children Should Never Be Soldiers" Declaration
In northern Uganda, as many as 30,000 children have been kidnapped and forced to serve as soldiers in a nightmarish civil war that the world has largely ignored. These innocent children are brutalized and mutilated, forced to commit atrocities, and given as sex slaves to
military commanders. This targeted abuse of children is unacceptable.
As parents, people of faith, students and youth, we urge all parties involved in this conflict to find a peaceful resolution. We implore the United States government, the United Nations, and the international community to work diligently to bring peace and protection to the
children of northern Uganda. All children deserve to have a childhood free from torture and a future free from cruelty. www.worldvision.org/nochildsoldiers

Change Lives as a Gulu Community Partner
I pledge:
$20 per month
The Gulu area of northern Uganda is plagued by a triple scourge of war, AIDS and poverty. For 20 years, the rebel Lord's Resistance Army has been abducting and terrorizing children. At least one of every 10 people is infected with HIV almost twice the national average. And
children and families battle daily against grinding poverty, trapped in a crippling cycle of hunger, illness and poor education.

Your monthly gifts will provide access to resources that can give these hurting children the promise of a better future things like clean water, reliable food supplies, basic health care, education and economic opportunities for struggling families. You'll also support the Children of War Rehabilitation Center, where thousands of formerly abducted children have found peace, healing and hope for a new life. And you'll bring compassionate assistance to orphans, vulnerable children and other Gulu residents affected by AIDS through community-based networks of care.
Come on people! Get involoved.