written at 2:05am in Hemming Plaza

As I listen to the sound of the water fountain splashing it is peaceful. The brick beneath my thin comforter makes a hard bed. The friends gathered around me are both annoying and comforting by their presence. I look at the trees overhead illuminated by the landscape lighting and am at peace.

As I lay here hoping for peace for the war in Uganda, and a better life for the children there, I wonder will it truly make a difference? I am overwhelmed with the futility of it all. Of the millions of people that live in Jacksonville how many of them care that I am sacrificing my night of comfort in my own home for the cold hard concrete of my downtown city park. Who cares that my family, friends, and 100's of strangers-thousands if you count all the cities involved walked to the center of town to sleep to mimic the nightly ritual of children in Northern Uganda trying to have safety from rebel attacks and potential abduction and horrific other atrocities. How many citizens are aware, much less care? If people don't care how am I going to make a difference; but if I stop caring then what?

If I do what I do because people care what am I really doing it for? Am I doing it because I care or to make others care? I hope that what I and thousands of others are doing ends the war in Uganda. I don't know how. I look at Iraq and think maybe we can't help... But awareness must be raised! Freedom must be fought for! Atrocities must stop! And I am going to do my part by lying down!

The ground is hard; my coverings inadequate; and bottom line: I am uncomfortable! But my discomfort is NOTHING compared to what the thousands of night commuters in Northern Uganda face nightly! I wonder how many girls were raped last night, how many children abducted, how many children can't sleep because of fear of what tomorrow holds. So who cares if not one else cares! I care about them; I love them; they matter!

Want to care? http://www.invisiblechildren.com/