I have always said I am NOT good at sports. So, I have come to learn that wallpapering is a sport. I am not very good at it. In fact I would venture to say no one in their right mind would ever pay me money to wallpaper. Well, maybe someone who is visually impaired-no
they could feel that is was terrible. Though I have had several lessons in wallpapering from self proclaimed experts the athletic ability still escapes me. Now, I will say it is not horrible-at first glance it looks quite nice-just don't look close or you will see bubbles, creases, patches and seams that don't meet.

So the worst part about wallpapering was that I ran out of glue in the middle of trying to finish my kitchen, second worst is: I think the wallpapers in the kitchen are different-for those of you that don't know-THIS ISN"T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!! Not my
fault-like it matters-but hey I am shallow and care what people think-though i shouldn't and wow this is getting really long and random and you are probably getting bored not if you are still reading.....

so anyway the funniest thing that happended today is I realized i really like my company and I crack myself up! :-)

Sorry folks I will not be in the summer olympic event "wallpapering a bathroom" this next go around. If I never wallpapered again it would be too soon... heeeeeeyyyy-i still have the kitchen to finish UGH! :(