A Healing Captive
from Breaking Free by Beth Moore (I think...-I got this from a friend)

O, God, Who frees the captive
do not liberate this carnal slave for freedom's sake.
For I will surely wing my flight to another thorny land.
Break instead, each evil bond
and rub my swollen wrists,
Then take me prisoner to your will
Enslaved in your safekeeping.

O, God, Who ushers light into the darkness,
Do not release me to the light
to only see myself.
Cast the light of my liberation upon your face
and be Thou my vision.
Do not hand me over
to the quest of greater knowledge.
Make your word a lamp unto my feet
and a light unto my path
And lead me to your dwelling.

O, God, Who lifts the grieving head,
Blow away the ashes
But let your gentle hand upon my brow
be my only crown of beauty.
Comfort me so deeply,
My healer,
that I seek no other comfort.

O, God, Who loves the human soul
too much to let it go,
So thoroughly impose Yourself
into the heaps and depths of my life
that nothing remains undisturbed.
Plow this life, Lord,
Until everything You overturn
Becomes a fertile soil,
Then plant me, O, God
In the vast plain of your love.
Grow me, strengthen me,
And do not lift your pressing hand
Until it can boastfully unveil
A display of your splendor.