I received a blog award from MOYA @ Life By Design Thank you so much for the "sweet" remarks!

So here are the rules:- List 10 things that make you happy. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day and link back to the person that tagged you. 

1. Waking up with the Lord's songs of praise on my lips. His word in my heart.

2.  My husband's "smell" (It's good by the way) and sense of humor.  The way he makes me coffee every morning.  When he calls me nicknames (nice ones).  When he is passionate about God!

3.  Watching Emma dance before us during worship. I can't help but smile. She is a leader!

4.  Watching God's faithful provision over our life in trying times.  Miracles of which many of you are a part!

5.  "Coincidences" that aren't really coincidences at all just God ordained moments in your life. 

6.  Order (though my life doesn't have enough of this)

7.  Experiencing the difference prayer makes.  Whether it is receiving the experience or praying someone else receive the experience, or just watching God do things through the years in areas you have prayed for.  Forever faithful! 

8.  The "Ah Ha! moments in school where "my child get's it".  If I was honest I would say homeschooling is hard. Not hard in the hard way, hard in the persevering way and it is these moments that give me strength to press on "doing hard things"!

9.  My Children Hunter's sense of humor, his heart...hearing from my girls... my kids marriages (both married faithful men of God), and Baby Zeke. Most of all when we are all TOGETHER which thankfully is often, though never often enough. 

10.  My children's laughter (then & now) come to think of it...really laughter in general

Regarding the bloggers:

These are ladies I consider "doing LIFE with"  I care about what goes on, pray regularly over their life, and have gotten to know some of them personally. The snippet I wrote in no way sums up the BEAUTY of their influence over my life. 
I would have put Laine but her blog is private so you can't visit her.  Boo for you. I think if you want to read her blog you can ask her to allow you or something like that. 

10 bloggers that brighten my day:
She is my "daughter" and mother to my "baby grand". These are in quotations because while she is not my daughter by birth she has been adopted into our family forever. 

She is my FRIEND and we could have been separated at birth (just saying)
She makes me laugh! She spurs me on! Her friendship is a miracle to me!

I look forward to her posts.  Here peaceful demeanor is inspirational.  She makes me laugh!

Not sure how I found her but I am glad I did. She in a momma who inspires me! 

I send you to her blog a lot because her every post challenges me.  She makes me want to be a better person.

I am thankful to have found this woman through my ifast58 group.  She is adopting and has a heart that overflows for the orphan.

Funny, insightful and full of faith!  Amazing photographer and editor or our wonderful Christmas Photos. 

This woman... well, I feel like I know her.  As she was adopting her little girl from Uganda and her life was fought with battle after battle... I fought knee-to-floor for her. Many of you joined me.  She certainly brightens my day!

Just love her! I am fairly new to following her life but her mission as a momma with a mission inspires me. 

Many other bloggers BRIGHTEN my day! but I at least wanted to add Kristy!

Now let me say this, you will not hurt my feeling if you don't repost.  I just like the idea of directing people to the people who direct me. 

This song came to mind while writing this post.  So, I will share... Third Day's You are Beautiful My Sweet Sweet Song!


Laine said...

Aww, shucks Jen Poe, thank you! Yes, if anyone is interested in my blog, they can simply send me an email and I'll get them set up to be able to access it. You can reach me at lavenderandfireflies@gmail.com.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Ummmm....apparently I am need of the Special Helmet today....

I posted THIS comment on the post previous.


It's just that kind of day. :D Praise the Lord anyway!

Andrea said...

Congratulations and GOD BLESS!
Hugs, andrea

Melanie said...

Love you, congrats, and thanks for doing life with me, sweet friend!

Holly said...

Congratulations and I love that song as well!

Be blessed,

Jen said...

Thank you! You blessed me today.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Nice to meet you. Came over to peek based on your blog comment you left someone else. Your name "beautiful mess" caught my eye.

Chris said...

So cool!!

Your blog is wonderful!!

Deborah Ann said...

Congrats to my sweet sister in Christ! Praying for showers of blessings on you!