2010 Anniversary Date
As of today I have spent 1/2 my life with My LOVE, Trent Polk!

I am thankful that we have had the opportunity to walk together towards NO GREATER LOVE with Jesus Christ!
I wrote my own wedding vows. 

It was a poem that came to me...leaving his house early one morning.  Before we were ever engaged. Sad, that this isn't the start to marriage I recommend.  Although, we were not living for God in any way shape or form. Forgive me! I almost deleted this paragraph for relevance...but desired to leave it. So you can know...Christ changes things when we walk in the light!

But this came suddenly, while I was driving, I had to keep repeating it over and over until I could write it down. Thankful the words still ring true today!

You Are The One

You are my strength
when I cannot stop the tears.

You are the voice
that quiets all my fears.

You are the body
that gives me someone to hold.

You are the light
that leads me through the dark.

You are the arrow
that points me to my mark

You are my eyes
whenever I cannot see.

You are everything
that I want you to be.

You are the prayer
that I send to heaven above.

but most of all...

Sadly,  it wasn't too long after these vows that DIVORCE was all I could think about. Destruction was plotting to ruin us. Most people who know us now are shocked to know the rest of the story. I assure you it wasn't pretty--but now it is one of the very things GOD HAS MADE LIGHT!

I are forever grateful to a friend, Terri Green,  that invited me to a Woman's Retreat out of Arlington Baptist Church that changed my life... I am thankful to that church for having scholarships for those that couldn't afford to go.

I am thankful that Christ proved Himself to me, through His word, and the teacher who sadly I don't know her name,  through life-changing TRUTH: 

I am thankful that God gave me the desire TO TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD!  I am thankful that Jesus is the Word! Word!

I am thankful to Psalm 34. When I was afraid of the Bible.  It was what I read daily for years.

I am thankful that Laine Clayton, started sharing the Left Behind series that prompted my husband to get back in church.

I am grateful to Sandi Caldwell-Rahimi to being LOVE to me.  And inviting me insistently to Celebration Baptist Church .

I am thankful for Celebration Baptist Church for accepting us and loving us right where we were. Walking us through becoming Christ followers. It will always be our HOME church! Though now it is called Faithbridge Church :)

I am thankful for Ray and Kim Reeves with whom we have done life together and couldn't have done it without! Jesus with flesh on. We, collectively, have never had to go through a struggle, minor or life-shattering, alone.  What comfort in Christ!

I am thankful that Jesus gave us an ARMY of support, those that battled with us, for us, alongside us!
Marriages, teachers, books, friends, youth, my own children!  Fighting the good fight!
I dare not write names, because I could never name them all!  Praise God!

These VOWS are nothing to take lightly. Trent said the traditional vows. 

We vowed to God, whether we took it "seriously" at the time, or not.  We vowed till death do us part.

I am so grateful Christ gives us the strength, as we seek Him, to honor the covenant we made!

It's not easy. We have an enemy.  However, Our God is greater!

As we seek to live our life in a way that brings glory and honor to the Father...I pray that when people look at our marriage that they know it was ALL because of Jesus!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13


Beth in NC said...

What a beautiful post! Girl, trust me -- I AM A NEW CREATION in Christ too! Our dating years definitely didn't bring glory to God.

Sounds like the Lord placed people right in your path!

I have Baptist roots and the Baptists are good about laying a firm foundation.

Love your story! And woo hoo -- thanks for the follow! Yay!

In Him,

Margo said...

Jen, this is so sweet and I'm so happy for you and Trent...and I love this picture of you. The light of love is shooting out from your gorgeous eyes. We must do coffee. I have to pick your brain on how to make this blogging thing worthwhile. You are one of two people who encourage me...who bother to let me know you at least read it.

Margo said...

Jen, this is so sweet and I am so happy for you and Trent...and I love this picture of you. The light of love is shooting out from your gorgeous eyes. We must do coffee.
I need to pick your brain on how to make this blogging thing worthwhile.

Miss Janet @ HOME said...



Kingdom Blessings,



Jerry Sinclair said...

I knew a Ray and Kim Reeves who served here in Jacksonville and then moved to Atlanta. Are they the same?

Jerry Sinclair
You can reach me at:

jrrysinclair [at] aol [dot] com

MamaTart said...

Loved this...thank you for being so transparent...thank you for not sugar coating things, and being honest about your struggle - but at the same time honoring your husband in how you tell this story. It is a testimony to the faithfulness of a God who will not let us go.