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This morning D woke up with a diarrhea diaper.  Not sure how long he had it on for; however I know it was long enough to give him a nasty, bright, red rash on his hiney that made him wince as I wiped him.  

I know better than to give him so much apple juice. 

Though I hate when he is sad that he can't have juice and he whines and wants "apppple duice" {holding his cup toward me bouncing, begging}. I give him juice.

I didn't say no and make him have something else that he needed, water. 

Well, today he pays the consequence for his choice, and my inability to say no, and he suffers. 

Consequently we have the same battle happening on a much greater level with my 17 year old. 

We haven't always told him NO when needed! When we needed to and we let him get away with privileges when he deserved discipline.  We allowed him to watch things, listen to things and participate in other things that aren't in his best interest. 

Now we are all feeling the burn.

It stinks to watch those you love suffer not only consequences of their own choices, but consequences for your own sin as well. 

It burns.  I wince.  It makes me want to cry because I don't know how long it will take to heal. 

As I rub diaper cream on the hiney, and the Word of God on my heart, I will wait for the Lord to heal us all.