If you read my last blog you will know that it ended with me "calling my doctor"

This one starts with me sitting in my hospital room typing on my borrowed laptop.


I want to write on the timeline and hilarious moments for memories sake which is the point of my blog really anyway.

Thursday afternoon SCARY medical event

Sudden, severe headache out of nowhere that stopped me in my tracks, with instant vomiting.
Whole episode lasted 3 minutes then I felt fine.

Hence the NOT seeking emergency medical attention.

I sat with family a friends and decided to wait it out.  Watching for any inkling that something wasn't right.



The operator advised I go to the ER even though it had been almost 24 hours. He said that I could have a bleed, or it could be a sign that something worse was coming...and event in life that I might not come back from.  He wanted to let the doctor know if I was going...was I going?

I decided to check with my husband and decide {big cheesy grin} no lie!  I know now that was stupid...but welcome to my life.

I called back to ask another question...and decide if I REALLY needed to go since I FELT fine.  The operator said "yes, you need to go, should I notify the doctor?"

weeeeelllllllll....  OKAY! Geesh I will go and see if my brain is bleeding.  Just in case, even though I don't feel like I need to.

I had things I had to do first: payroll, banking, pay bills, request extensions etc. LOL

For real I needed to get some things done, I knew they would keep me, so I packed, and showered and shaved because last time I was caught unaware and poor girl that had to do the ultrasound of my legs 3 years ago had to go through the forest to get there. I thought given the opportunity, I'd spare the next person.

While getting ready...my arm started to feel weird.  I went and poked my head in where my hubby was to announce we were now in a hurry because my arm was going numb.

Off to run some errands on the way to the ER...and my daughter called to remind me to eat before hand because they would surely starve me :) On the way my leg starts to go numb.  I thought it was from sitting wrong but after adjusting...it just got worse.

Hubs drops me off at the entrance so I can go in and sign in and begin the wait. Like getting your name on the list while waiting on a table at dinner ;)

I fill out the paperwork for check-in and my vision starts to double for a second and I think: do I say "Hey I think I am having a stroke!" or quietly wait my turn. Since my vision is now fine I elect to wait my turn to see the triage and not cause mass panic. I will find that happens soon enough.
me: in the med check in waiting. So I will let you know
hubs: okee dokee we r n waiting area
me: Law and order is on so it's all good ;)
hubs: u need some help. We're going straight to psych when we r done here
me: lol

I go through triage and text my husband who starts a mad text assault of hilarity to lighten thr mood but what he doesn't realize is that mad chaos is happening...

here are his texts because they will make me laugh for years to come:

20 min later
me: gone through triage. still waiting
hubs: what's going on? We've been out here waiting 4ever :( has the dr been by? did they put you in a gown with your hiney hanging out? I wanna see. Can u come out and say (to be cont)
me: What? I am not in a room. Are you being silly?
{as I sent this I was called into another triage room and didn't read these texts until after} hubs cont: hi :) I need some of those rubber gloves can you get some of those? I like pink. Do u think they will give you a wheelchair to drive around? Can I have a turn? I'm hungry. What time does the hospistle close? Do they have toys? I'm bored. Brit won't play with me :(
hubs responding to my silly? text: Do you think? Maybe?
hubs: I can't see the tv. There's a little pole in the way and the subtitles r too fast to read. Why don't they turn the vol up? It's stupid. Have you made any friends yet? People here seems mean. I'm scared.
me: please stop I am talking to the nurse
hubs: I wanna talk to the nurse. Is she nice? Is she a he? I mean male nurse? U know they have those and all. Sorry just trying to lighten the mood. Do they have someone like the golf course does to come around and see snacks/drinks. That would be a good idea don't you think? I luv U! :)

What hubs fails to realize is they have issues a "Stroke Alert" and about 7 people descended upon me at one time hooking me up to every necessary device and then whisked me off to have a CT of my head.

me: ok that was crazy. They called a "stroke alert" I'm hooked up to all kinds of stuff and already had a CT which looked ok. Doing more tests now. 
What I fail to realize is the Chaplin has gone to get my husband and daughter and take them to a "special" waiting room.  It is small and empty. He tells them I am alert, and ok and that the doctor will be in shortly.  Brit looks down and it appears their name tag says "OR" which has them slightly concerned.  Then she said-I know she isn't in the operating room because she just text you.  LOL!

Needless to say "I'm admitted" it "could" be TIA, which is a mini-stroke.  Notable that by 11pm I had no symptoms at all.  Had an MRI scheduled for the morning. Time to get some sleep! 

Awoken Saturday for vitals and heading to an MRI-I had no symptoms at all.

Saturday after finding that my MRI did not show any stroke I was ready to leave.  I'm fine. No symptoms, let me go. I had an issue with the neurologist and asked them to contact MY neurologist for consult... (for the record he agreed with me on ALL the things I had an issue with-except leaving the hospital) So I stay.

Funny story: I was in a shared room and they brought a lady in to share the room with me at about the same time all this is happening with the neurologist. She is hacking and coughing and I'm afraid me and her phlegm are beginning to know each other on a personal level.   I borrow a pen from the tech and write a note to the nurse:

"I promise I am not a complaining, whining, person usually but please GET ME OUT OF HERE! I already don't want to be here and now I am going to get sick from this lady"

They put me in a private room. 

Then Saturday night I was awoken from a dead sleep with severe numbness and tingling down my entire left side. Intense feeling. I was scared! From the top of my head to the tip of my toe!  Tongue, throat, chest, EVERYTHING numb.  Needless to say I called the nurse and waited for EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION.  (This topic will require an entirely separate post.) HERE

Sunday didn't provide answers or changes.  I was still numb head to toe, but barely. It's nice when doctors leave you feeling like "who knows" haha!

Monday I am discharged in the afternoon with a diagnoses of "Complicated Migraine" which is exciting! and still I had no idea what that was.  What does a doctor want to do "slap me on maintenance medication!" UGH! NO!  I will research...go see MY Neurologist! Get me out of here!

So I am finishing this post I started in the hospital at home.  I am worse because I had another event last night. I have seem MY neurologist and am sure it is this strange phenomenon called "Complicated Migraine" which doesn't mean anything because everybody is different. Headache with strange neurological events.  SO, I start steroids for 6 days tomorrow. 

I am fine.  A little tired.  Numb. 

Like I said to my friends:
 I'm Home! I'm Alive! and MY GOD REIGNS!


Jennifer said...

Thank You Jesus, that you are okay! Love you!

Miss Janet @ HOME said...


Sometimes when God is "silent" it's because He has already spoken. In that case, find what the Word has to say about it. I know, that you know, you won't find the word "headache" in the B I B L E! ;)