Today I will attend the funeral of a woman I loved and respected.  She was a young 51. Her weight caused many health problems.  She was more than her weight; however her weight was ultimately her murderer. 

I am the only child of a morbidly obese woman who died at 48.  My children have not had their Momo in their lives, I have not had a mother for 18 years.  I am still grieved.  Honestly in this moment of loss, a little angry. 

As I bent over her bedside, praying scripture over her dying body, I wept.  Not for her, she was being healed...but for those still struggling.  Those who think it's too hard to lose weight, those who don't care, those who are in denial of the damage the fat is causing.

See the weight is causing loss...loved ones are now losing. I am heartbroken today. 

If your weight is a little problem do something before it's a big problem.  If your weight is a big problem, do something before your loved ones have a big problem.

Please remember the family today who is losing one too soon.  There is so much hurt in this family and I am asking for prayers for peace for the service.  That it would be honoring to the beloved Sandy Hammett.